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TopSyntax - Remote IT Staffing Done The Modern Way

TopSyntax, a Remote IT staffing company based in Silicon Valley was created to offer an alternative to traditional outsourcing, where the customer has little communication with their freelance team, little say in task flow, and even less accountability. Our founder had first-hand experience with the frustration of these downsides, and sought to build a Remote IT staffing company that provides remote full stack developers and combined the benefits of outsourcing with the stability of in-house.

Our stateside headquarters in Fremont, California houses our operational and client support team. Our Technical Success Managers oversee and mentor remote developers who work directly with their clients.

We provide cost-effective, flexible remote full stack developers for businesses of any size. Our remote full stack developers have multiple specialized managers, and constant communication allows clients to fully manage their own projects. We strive to become an integrated part of your team, not just service providers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

TopSyntax will establish a virtual working environment with your company, including the means to directly communicate with your team on a daily basis. Communication is very important when working with a virtual team, and we will happily provide suggestions and best practices on how to make our partnership successful from day one.

Our staff works American business hours. Each remote developer may take up to a 30-minute dinner break, and may occasionally take other necessary rest breaks throughout the day.

A dedicated remote full stack developer will only work on your projects and will be readily available to you during U.S. business hours, just like an in-house employee.

The primary purpose of your TopSyntax support management team is to keep your team accountable, ensure they’re being communicative, and to verify the hours they log are accurate.

Your Client Success Manager (CSM) monitors your team’s working time and communication daily, while your Technical Success Manager (TSM) is aware of your team members’ productivity and what they’re doing each day in the office.

Absolutely, we believe direct and open communication is key to successful outsourcing. You will be able to speak to your remote developers via Skype or any other platform or project management system of your choosing. We simply ask that your Client Success Manager and Technical Success Manager are included on all correspondence with your team to ensure proactive support.

No, TopSyntax doesn’t bid on projects or offer a fixed rate. Since we’re a Remote IT staffing company providing, your team member’s work is charged to you by the hour on an hourly rate, and we bill only for the productive hours your remote team members have worked. Your team can collaborate to create an estimate for a project, but remember this is simply an estimate of time and is likely to change.

Unfortunately, neither manager can appropriately manage your project. While both managers are instrumental in establishing a team relationship and ensuring work is completed according to your standards, they don’t directly handle task delegation or oversight on the project scope.

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TopSyntax is a Silicon Valley based Remote Talent Management Company that provides supplemental IT resources to organizations of all sizes. We strive to build long-lasting and trusting relationships that provide the support, guidance, and security necessary to succeed.

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