What is a Staffing Agency? and How it Works

A staffing agency is an organization that helps find you highly qualified and efficient employees  and professionals in a particular skill that you are looking for in no time. 

These types of organizations already have registered workers with different skills, any hiring  company or employer gets a new team member or collaborator easily in his company. 

Every staffing agency has its policy of markup value, but generally, they charge 25% of hired  employees’ wages. Some agencies are specified to certain domains while others can be a general  type of staffing agency providing candidates for small businesses. 

How does a Staffing Agency work? 

When you run a business, you probably get into a need of specialized workers from time to time especially, when all of a sudden you come to know that someone has left his job for any specific  or unspecific reason, a gap in the workforce produces. 

Then you ask one of your employees to conduct a detailed hiring session. You must put a job  description in a newspaper, conduct a long session, filter out resumes of all candidates, call all one  by one, and take interviews and this process goes on until you find the right candidate for the job  vacancy. 

It will consume a lot of time for those employees to find potential workers, with the  accomplishment of their day-to-day tasks. 

These are the steps that you follow to get a professional worker:

Step # 01: Decide your work requirement

Staffing agencies provide different types of jobs. It might be a temporary sort of work just like  working on an assignment that is to be submitted on a due date or it might be a permanent job.  You hire a person for a long-term relationship just like you hire a worker in your company by  advertisement. So you must decide first which type of job you need to offer. 

Step # 02: Select the right Staffing Agency

Many staffing agencies are running online on different domains that provide you with workers. It  is for you to choose a staffing agency that is related to your domain that can easily fit into your  budget, and has good reviews. After reaching out to the right one you explain all your work  requirements.

Step # 03: screening of the candidates

Then a job description is issued by the agency. A lot of candidates apply for open positions to  secure jobs. Then the list of eligible candidates with stellar reviews and great work qualities be  made and submitted to a hiring manager. Sometimes staffing agencies refer to the pro-verified  worker rather than posting jobs as open positions.

Step # 04: Interview the selected candidate 

The employer interviews the candidate. It saves a lot of time, unlike an in- house recruitment  process that includes multiple sittings with interviewees along with routine liabilities and  sometimes it often takes days and weeks to find highly qualified and eligible workers.

Step # 05: Money Transfer 

A sort of contract is made between all three parties. 25% markup, on employee’s salary was given  to the agency. Sometimes, additional remuneration must be paid depending upon the extra work  and policies of the organization.

Why do we use Staffing Agencies? 

Staffing agencies are slightly different from temp agencies. Temp agencies provide workers with  temporary or short-term work contracts. They are hired on project-based tasks whereas, on the flip  side of the coin, staffing agencies give workers who can work with you in the long run. Big companies contact staffing agencies to hire skillful labor and highly professional workers to  work with them as they never compromise the quality of their work.

Efficient and Quick Recruitments:

Staffing agencies have a great talent pool, it would be of great wonder to explore it, and so it is  facile and effortless to find relevant skills and talent from this pool.

Fill skill Gaps:

Most of the time, the efficiency of a skill that you are looking for cannot find in a person, and you  are helpless to find a person with all requirements that are needed for the vacancy. Then staffing  agency is there to assist you to meet your needs.

Save your time: 

The whole work schedule got disturbed when some of your personnel distracted to find other  workers. Advertising and interviewing all day results in vain when, in the end, you cannot find a  perfect fit for the vacancy.

Large scale Network:

These organizations are linked with other professional platforms like Linked In and many other  freelancing websites, so if they are unable to find a fit for your vacancy, they will also try to locate Professionals through other sources.

All work done on an affordable budget: 

One of the reasons to hire such organizations is that they are budget-friendly. They assist you to  manage your workload and save money by wasting on vetting all candidates, such as tracing their  track record and health record.

Best platforms for unemployed persons: 

If you are unemployed and have skills, it is the best option for you to register yourself in any  staffing agency relevant to your domain. When any vacancy appears that is relevant to your skills,  then the agency automatically refers you to the company. You send your resumes and then appear  for an interview in this way, you get a job.


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